About Us

Texas Youth Hunt is a registered Texas Non Profit Corporation. We were organized by a group of volunteers whom love helping children, the outdoors and hunting. We currently have (8) Board Members consisting of folks whom live in the Kerrville, Texas area, and (4) Officers including: Chairman - Aaron Bulkley
Vice Chairman - Richard Land
Secretary - Virginia Bulkley
Treasurer - Joanie Bulkley


We are always looking for more volunteers to assist with our fundraising efforts, events, marketing, youth hunts, etc. If interested in volunteering your time to Texas Youth Hunt, please contact us. We have meetings in Kerrville, twice per month, which are open to anyone whom would like to help.


Throughout the year, Texas Youth Hunt must raise enough money through donations and fundraisers to cover some unavoidable expenses. Some of those items include Insurance, Marketing materials, Hunter Certification Classes and Hunting licenses for Youth, Lodging, Food and drink, Transportation costs, Youth model rifles, ammunition, meat processing and taxidermy for the kids. All Donations, both monetary and tangible items are appreciated, and can be tax-deductable.